Amatsunorito: Purification Chant

Throughout human history, people of various cultures and ethnicities have developed the practice of chanting in their spiritual traditions. This form of meditation is important as it aligns the mind (thinking about the sacred words) with our actions and the faculty of speech. This might sound familiar to those who have followed this website for some time, since it is a reflection of the San Mitsu, the Three Secrets of Enlightenment. We think like an enlightened being, we speak like an enlightened being, and we act like an enlightened being. The action is the purposeful focus of the body in meditation through the physical actions involved. The thinking is focusing the mind on the words of the chant itself. The speech is clearly speaking the words of the chant itself. Metaphysically, the sound of the words themselves are transcendental and carry with them a spiritual power. This is known as Kotodama-the power of pure speech. The Amatsunorito is an ancient chant extended back into the pre-history of Japan and means the "Heavenly Prayer". It is a commonly heard chant in Shinto shrines. This particular chant is intended for purification of the mind and soul. The video includes the phonetic pronunciation of the words, so you can chant along, or simply close your eyes and allow the power of the words to calm your mind and cleanse your spirit. 


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