The key to solving all the problems of the world, countries and individuals, comes down to only one word: Makoto.

Political poverty comes from an impoverishment of Makoto.

Goods are lacking because Makoto is lacking.

Moral decadence also results from an absence of Makoto.

Social disorder occurs in a place where there is no Makoto.

Every revolting problem has its roots in the lack of Makoto. Without having Makoto as their heart, religions, sciences and arts would only be some empty shells.

Ah...Makoto it is...Makoto it is...

Humans, the key for solving all problems lies only in the manifestation of Makoto.

-Meishu sama, January 25, 1948

Meishu sama, one of the great spiritual teachers to emerge in Japan, had as his first teaching the concept of Makoto. The standard definition of Makoto is "sincerity", but the word implies a bit more than this, as Meishu-sama was getting at. In the sense that Meishu sama used it, the word means a divine sense of love expressed in sicerity and consistency through the Sanmitsu (thoughts, words & actions) of every person. It is a sincere effort to express the divine characteristics of compassion, wisdom and peace. The lack of Makoto really stems from the material ego, the selfish part of ourselves. Subordinating the material ego to the highest good of ourselves and others is a serious spiritual work and takes great effort. May we all seek to subdue the material ego & make Makoto a part of our daily spiritual practice. Gassho.


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