Martial Arts

The Anshinkan Dojo offers training in traditional Japanese martial arts in a modern context. Based in the Takamatsu-den martial tradition, Sakushin ryu Bujutsu goes beyond the flashy kick-punch, acrobatic or brute strength approach of some self-protection methods. We focus on strategic body alignment, timing, and control of distance. In addition, students are trained to develop an energetic intuitive ability permitting them to know the most effective response in any given situation. We don't compete for trophies and medals, we don't wear flashy uniforms, and we don't break boards and bricks for show.

Our approach to self-protection is achieved by developing an understanding of the Godai: Chi (Earth), Sui (Water), Ka (Fire), Fu (Wind), Ku (Emptiness). An understanding of the philosophy of the Godai as it applies to personality, psychology, and physical movement permits the student to develop natural self-protection skills and strategies for success. 

The self-protection skills of Anshin Dojo are intimately connected to spiritual cultivation, promoting balance and confidence in life, a spirit of service to others, and a connection to Omikami-the Divine Being that permeates all of existence. 

Students are accepted after an interview. If all goes well during this interview, and both the teacher and the prospective student feel this is the right direction, the new student is admitted for a three month probationary basis. If at any time during this probationary period either the student or teacher determines this isn't a good fit, then the student is dismissed.

If you're interested in what we offer, please consider it very carefully before contacting us. Read the material on this website, then contact us for an interview. May your quest for fulfillment be productive.


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