The Anshinkan Dojo was founded to allow students to study the martial arts of Japan while also exploring the spiritual traditions behind these warrior arts. The Anshinkan offers training in:

                   Taijutsu (Unarmed self-protection skills)
                   Kusari fundo (weighted chain)
                   Tantojutsu (knife)
                   Hanbo & Tanbo (staff arts) 

Our testing process is strict, and everyone, regardless of experience, must start as beginners. The Anshinkan testing process is rigorous. Students are expected to come to their tests completely prepared and confident in their ability to pass the test. Consistent and frequent attendance at all classes is the best ways to prepare for tests.

The uniform for unranked and kyu-ranked members is a white keikogi and training pants with the appropriate color belt. The uniform for dan-ranked members is a black keikogi and training pants or hakama.

The dojo-cho is able to test students through the kyu levels. After that point, only Davila Sensei will conduct tests.

Once a student has passed sandan, s/he may apply to become a certified instructor (dojo-cho).

There are nine kyu ranks and five dan ranks in the Anshinkan. Each student starts with a white belt and proceeds through each of the nine kyu levels signified by white, green and brown belts. After achieving all nine kyu levels, the student begins preparing for his or her first dan (shodan) rank, potentially achieving black belt.

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